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Welcome to the Travefy CLIA Certification course!

We’re excited for you to become CLIA certified in the Travefy platform! In this course, you will take five lessons by first watching a video (15-20 minutes each in length) and completing the lesson with a five question quiz at the end. Once you watch all five videos and pass each quiz, you will earn a certificate for completion! 

Before starting the course you will need to register for a course account through Travefy’s course website ( With this login, you will be able to log in and out at anytime and your completed courses will be saved. Please note that your CLIA or Travefy login credentials are separate from this course registration. 

You won’t need access to a Travefy account but we do recommend using it along with your lessons to better understand how to use the software. If you don’t already have a Travefy account, you can start a free 10-day trial at (Please note that you will need to purchase a Travefy subscription after the trial ends to continue using the platform)

Once you have completed the course, share your certificate with CLIA and they will assign your 3 elective credits to use towards your CLIA Certification Program.

If you have any questions while taking this course, please email our support team at

Important: You must create a new account for Travefy's Certification Program. You cannot use your Travefy email and password to sign in.